Sinokrot Group
Sinokrot Group
Founded in 1962, Sinokrot group primarily focuses on producing & selling high quality food & poultry products
across the middle-east. With over 350 employees, the family owned business runs a portfolio of diversified
investments in poultry and other fields across the region.
Our people have been, and will continue to be our greatest strength. We will always look forward. Our
management team stands on the shoulders of those that came before them - the men and women that built
Sinokrot over the past decades into the success story it is today.
Our focus and vast experience in the field of poultry operations brings you in-depth expertise and
professionalism. With intent to provide quality support and deliver quality products to end consumers, Sinokrot
invests heavily in technology and employee training.

Over a period of 50 years, Sinokrot poultry farms have mastered the art of cost and productivity optimization.
Company owned feed mills, labs & research centers, training programs, production facilities, hatcheries, efficient
supply chain management all provide us with a self-sufficient organization.
In Jordan, we operate 14 poultry production units distributed across the country positioned within
proximity to our customers. Rearing ranges from parent stock, broiler and layer day old chicks.
Our state-of-the-art hatcheries help produce and deliver the healthiest chicks with maximum potential for
growth and optimum feed conversion rate (FCR). Furthermore, uniformity in bird size is taken care along
with adaptability and liveability. Our team of experts ensure that the eggs are hatched in fully computerized
temperature and humidity controlled incubators from world renowned Pas Reform of Netherlands and
Petersime of Belgium. Our total hatching capacity amounts for 45 million eggs per year.
Vaccines & Purifiers
We are the distributors of internationally renowned companies in the field of poultry and poultry health such as
ISA Brown, Ross, Lohmann animal health, Farmcare.
We commit ourselves to follow the most strict quality control systems available, and to insure such controls we
built two high-tech laboratories, one for our poultry production and another for our feed factory. We are also
proud to mention that we are holders of the ISO9001 certificate of quality for all of our production units.
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